New regulations for permanent residence permit for PhD students

What rules currently apply to receive a permanent residence permit or to stay in Sweden to work/apply for work with the new regulations that came into force from 20 July 2021

Permanent residence permit:
· Having conducted in total four years of PhD studies during the last seven years. The time is calculated from the time that the application has been submitted.
· Income through work or self-employment (not unemployment insurance) with a minimum duration of 18 months (an interpretation of the new law that the Migration Agency have done and may be contested in the future)
· The new regulations apply to everyone who has not received a decision from the Migration Agency before 20 July 2021, even those that have applied before this date.
· You cannot apply earlier than 14 days before your current residence permit expires.
· The 18 months work requirement is calculated from the date the application is examined by the Migration Agency.
· These last two points means that you need to have employment more than 18 months after submitting your application (18 months + the time until the Migration Agency examine your application).

Temporary residence permit for 12 months:
· In the regulations at the Migration Agency, there are formulations about a finished degree for temporary residence permit, and until we receive other information, we assume that this means a PhD degree in this context.
· An income is required, but in this case income from an unemployment insurance is sufficient 
· Health insurance (for those that reside(d) shorter time than needed for a Swedish personal number)

Important for our members:

To have an unemployment insurance

Important for us as unions to do locally at respective university:

Inform members about the above and what actions and measures we in ST are taking to try to get a change in regulations as well as interpretations of them.

To contact respective university management and inform them about the new regulations, especially the requirement for 18 months of work for a permanent residence permit. With the aim to make the vice chancellor (rektor) to take action through SUHF.

What we do at national level as university division within ST:

Contact has been taken with the Migration Agency for clarifications of purpose of the new regulations and clarify for them the consequences of the change in regulations.

Contac has been taken with ST leadership to get support with lobbying politicians and other decision makers.

Collaboration has been initiated with Sulf:s doctoral candidate section and SFS doctoral committee

Continous feedback and updates to local representatives of ST.

Publication of our activities into public arena

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