Change the legal grounds of Permanent Residency for doctoral students and other researchers in Sweden

On July 20, 2021, a new Aliens Act came into effect. This law introduced new requirements for permanent residence permits, which, among others, dramatically affect doctoral students and other researchers as well.

It is not just the doctoral students that are affected by the new Aliens Act but also the Swedish society. These changes will lead to a loss of a highly-skilled workforce, thereby depriving the Swedish society of the innovations and insights these doctoral students could offer in various fields such as environment, energy, engineering, social science and humanities.

These strict migration laws, which also affect doctoral students and other researchers, in the long run will “lead to a brain drain, introducing challenges for Sweden to maintain its status as an international knowledge nation.”

This is happening at a time when there is already a shortage of researcher in knowledge-intensive industry today in Sweden and universities have difficulty in meeting the industry demand.

Link to the petition

This petition is prepared by international doctoral students and other researchers in Swedish higher education institutes in collaboration with Sveriges universitetslärare och forskare (SULF), Fackförbundet ST and Sveriges Förenade studentkårer-Doktorandkommitén (SFS-DK).