Special offer for PHD students

ST is a union for everyone that works within universities and colleges. Our commitment and extensive experience allows us to offer you access to knowledge and support tailored to your work situation.

The benefits of a PHD membership

  • You are insured with us
  • Access to our career services
  • Advice and quick answers at hand
  • Acces to our negotiation experts

Our welcome package for PHD students

  • The lowest fee possible - you pay only 80 SEK per month for membership, which includes one of the best income protection insurances on the market.
  • One-year subscription to your favorite magazine
  • Special benefits and membership offers.

You can find ST’s elected representatives at university and college departments and faculties. 

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Become a member

Income insurance

As a member of the Union of Civil Servants (ST) you have income insurance through a contract between ST and Folksam.

This means that in the event of involuntary unemployment you may receive compensation to supplement your compensation from the unemployment benefit fund (a-kassan) and any other compensation that may be payable as a consequence of unemployment.

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Our insurance offer

With ST membership you and your loved ones are secure. We offer competitive insurance solutions for you and your family. You can also take advantage of our favorable income insurance, which can easily be upgraded with additional insurance.

Career services

Did you know that many PhD graduates pursue careers in the state sector? As a member, you can benefit from our career services.

Advice and answers at hand

ST is wherever you are. Elected representatives in the workplace are close by to give you answers and advice on questions concerning salary, vacation, job security, working hours, powers of authority, health and safety, insurance and pensions.

Access to negotiation experts

You have access to ST ombudsmen who are experts in all areas of employer negotiations.

Legal support and legal aid

Should you find yourself in a situation where you require legal assistance, ST’s lawyers, who specialize in employment and contract law, are by your side.

Need more info?

Call: 0771-555 444
E-mail: stdirekt@st.org