Membership for PhD Students

ST is a union for everyone that works within universities and colleges. Our commitment and extensive experience allows us to offer you access to knowledge and support tailored to your work situation through your membership.

Your membership includes

  • The lowest fee possible
  • Competitive insurance solutions
  • One-year subscription to your favorite magazine
  • Career services
  • Advice and support
  • Negotiation experts
  • Legal support and legal aid
  • Publikt

Why you should choose us

We aim to ensure you are given the best possible conditions during your PhD studies. You can find ST’s elected representatives at university and college departments and faculties.

Clear values

Basic trade union values are important to us. We work actively for democracy, justice, humanism and solidarity. ST also works on an international level to strengthen trade union efforts in countries where human rights and trade union freedoms are not recognized.

Politically independent

ST is not connected to any political party. When ST takes a position on political issues, it does so from your perspective and in your interests as a member.

Our members take control

It is your needs and wishes as a member that control the direction of trade union work. The organization is formed and run by members together. Everyone is encouraged to participate and influence which issues should be prioritized.

In the workplace - where the opportunity to influence is greatest – there are union representatives that have been elected by members themselves.

Cooperation equals strength

Cooperation is important to ST - both within and outside the organization. It is a means of power within negotiations, creating public opinion and working internationally.

The lowest fee possible

During your time as a PhD student, you pay only 80 SEK (Swedish kronor) per month for your membership, which includes one of the best income insurances on the market.

Competitive insurance solutions

As a member of ST you and your loved ones are secure. We offer competitive insurance solutions for you and your family. You can also take advantage of our favorable income insurance, which can easily be upgraded with additional insurance.

Career services

Did you know that many PhD graduates pursue careers in the state sector? As a member, you can benefit from our career services.

Advice and support

ST is wherever you are. Elected representatives in the workplace are close by to give you answers and advice on questions concerning salary, vacation, job security, working hours, powers of authority, health and safety, insurance and pensions.

Negotiation experts

You have access to ST ombudsmen who are experts in all areas of employer negotiations.

Legal support and legal aid

Should you find yourself in a situation where you require legal assistance, ST’s lawyers, who specialize in employment and contract law, are by your side.

One-year subscription to your favorite magazine

Choose one of the selected four popular magazines and get it delivered free to your door during the first year of your membership: Bang, Axess, Arena or Filter.


Our membership magazine, Publikt, keeps you updated on the latest news and events in the state-sector workplace.

ST's position on PhD students and research policy

  • PhD students should be offered a position of employment from the very first day.
  • Research studies should devote a certain amountof time looking into career paths outside universities and colleges.
  • State/local government and private and civil sectors should create jobs in a wider range of areas to increase the exchange between research, education and innovation.
  • Basic research should be kept free from political and economic governance.
  • Funding for the higher education sector should be increased and most of the resources made available to the sector should be publicly funded.
  • Funding should be long term and ensure both research and educational quality.
  • The fields of humanities and social sciences should be afforded more resources.
  • All teachers should be given the opportunity to undertake research as part of their employment.
  • Universities and colleges should be government agencies.
  • Work towards ensuring more women become professors.
  • The democratic, collegiate structures should be preservedalongside the designation of leadership through elections in which all employment categories are allowed to participate.
  • Managers at all levels must take clear employer responsibility.
  • An increased number of alternative career paths should be created within colleges.

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